Getting Started

After you download your free casino template, getting started is actually a very simple process. Check out the below steps, which summarize what is required to edit, develop, and upload your casino template to the Internet.

Step 1 - Download a free casino template from this website.

Step 2 - Download a free HTML editor. Although there are a lot of free editors, we recommend downloading SeaMonkey, which is free of charge, and very easy to use. SeaMonkey is classified as a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get). This basically means that you can edit a website template without any coding knowledge (visual editing).

Step 3 - Use SeaMonkey to edit and style your free template. Simply open your webpage with SeaMonkey, then click "file", "edit page".

Step 4 - Download a free FTP program to upload your website to the Internet. We recommend downloading the free version of CoreFTP.