FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1 - What is a casino template?

A casino template is basically a HTML website template. It is designed primarily for users who wish to create a casino or gambling themed website.

2 - Are these templates all free?

Yes. All of our casino templates are free of charge.

3 - Can I modify the design or style of these free templates?

Yes. You can modify any of our designs to match your style, but do not remove the footer links at the bottom of the template.

4 - How do I modify these free templates? Can you recommend any free programs?

Yes. We have a list of free tools on our home page (on the left-hand of the page). You should also visit our getting started guide, which summarizes the steps required to edit and upload a casino website template.

5 - Can I send you an email if I get stuck, or want to ask any more questions?

Yes. Click the contact button to send us an email.